Parallel Computing Course at UO


The IPCC has been instrumental in the development of a new Parallel Computing undergraduate course that was offered for the first time in the UO Spring term 2014, CIS 410/510. In addition to the class lectures, students gained valuable experience learning parallel programming in a companion lab that the IPCC helped to fund. The picture below shows the programming lab built from Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing) systems, configured to use the Intel parallel program development environment. In this IPCC lab, students gained experience with Intel® Cilk Plus,Intel® Thread Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), OpenMP, and MPI.

The CIS 410/510 course used the textbook Structured Parallel Programming written by Intel authors Michael McCool, Arch D. Robison, and James Reinders. The students all felt that the book was excellent in its presentation of parallel programming concepts and patterns. Examples given of the patterns in Intel Cilk Plus, Intel TBB, and OpenMP provided comparison of how patterns are realized in different programming systems.

In addition to the SPP book, various parallel computing resource materials were organized for the students to explore. Some of these materials are given in Other Resources